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Wise Words from Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn

In this video, Darren Hardy shares insights from when he interviewed Jim Rohn. In short: Don’t wait for things to change. Change and things will change with you. We often wait for our job situation to change, our family situation to change…but they will change with us if we make a change. Success isn’t something you pursue; it’s something that comes from within. Hardship is hard, but success is easy. So why doesn’t everyone practice principles of success? Because...

“Dear Lucky Agent” contest from Writer’s Digest

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I’ve long been a proponent of contests when it comes to getting your work published. They’re a great way to get your manuscripts before editors and agents and avoid that dreaded slushpile. If you’re looking for a good contest location, check out Writer’s Digest. They regularly hold contests over a variety of topics, genres and skill levels. One of my recent favorites is the “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest. The niche changes regularly so all you have to do is...

Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith by Hipps

Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps

Very interesting book on the way technology has influenced us as a society, and how that influence trickles into not only what we can do, but what we believe. One of the more profound discussions is how reading and writing have transformed our Western society, especially America and affected the way we interact with one another (community) and the way we approach our faith. For instance: When my daughter Harper was two, we started singing the ABC song together. In the process we introduced her...

Smashing Through Writer’s Block (Writing Tips)


I don’t believe in writer’s block. I know that sounds like heresy, but I don’t. Are there days I just cannot write, not matter how hard I try? Yes. But all-too-often writers attribute their lack of ability to move forward to this mystical, mental block we’ve accepted into our writing path as authors: “Writer’s Block.” [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Photo credit: photosteve101[/featured-image] “Oh, I’ve got writer’s block. Nothing I can do about it...