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Looking for a speaker? Each year, I speak at writer’s conferences, bookstores, schools and small groups. If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker for your event, please contact me for more information. Below are some of the sessions people enjoy most.

On Writing for Children

Writing for Children and Tweens

If you have a children’s picture book or an adventure novel in your heart, this is the comprehensive class for you–it can be a four session comprehensive class or broken up into smaller bits. We’ll talk about how to reach kids and tweens in the CBA market. We’ll also cover current research on children, in-depth plotting and creating killer book proposals. Plus, we’ll also look at what it takes to make a career out of writing for children. By the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running!

Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers

In this session, we’ll look at the many types of materials you can write for children, from picture books to chapter books, from middle-grade to teen novels, and even graphic novels. We’ll also look at current trends and insightful research, so you can think about exactly the type of material you want to write, as well as explore areas you may have never considered.

Common Children’s Book Blunders (and How to Avoid Them)

Learn how to stand out from the competition by avoiding the most common blunders that children’s writers make! After professionally judging thousands of children’s book manuscripts, Chris shares secrets he’s found that will help you create a children’s book that no editor will be able to put down.

Super Story Structure for Children’s Books

Learn about Idea Splats: a technique to arrive at the best creative idea for a story, the three-act structure of Plot Trees, and how to structure picture books to give the reader a truly rewarding experience.

On the Writing Life

The Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Your Book to an Editor or Agent

You have an idea…you may even have a book. But how do you get an editor or agent interested in it? In this insightful workshop, you’ll learn how to create the perfect pitch from creating “one-sheets” to actually sitting down with an editor and pitching your idea. Don’t let your great idea sit in a drawer. Discover how to get it sold today!

Proposals with Pizzazz

Discover how to create a fiction proposal that will “leap out” of the slush pile! In this session, Chris shares his award-winning techniques that many editors say make his proposals stand out from the rest-including cover letters, formatting, synopses, character sketches, marketing plans and more.

Secrets, Truths and Myths of the Writing Life

In this candid and insightful workshop, Chris shares insider’s secrets he’s learned from editors and successful authors that can turn your writing hobby into a full-time career-including a few surprises that will change the way you approach your writing and getting published. Find out what you need to know to be successful!

The Internet-Savvy Writer

In this informative workshop, Chris will share how to set up a basic web page, add a free shopping cart for your books, get free shipping supplies, where to find full-color business cards at 90% off, how to self-market your book, the best Internet sites for writers and more. Put the power of the web to work for you.

How to Create a Website in 15 Minutes

If you know you need a website, but haven’t a clue how to create one, this is the workshop for you! During this session, we’ll examine several “quick start” website solutions that can give you a quality presence on the Internet fast. We’ll even talk about adding a simple shopping cart, starting a newsletter and interacting with your visitors.

Sessions for Children

Discovering Writing

For 4th-6th graders, Chris loves to speak about “Discovering Writing.” In this 30-minute talk, he shares how he became a writer, how writers can affect the world, the many different types of writing and the one thing that changed his writing life. He uses personal examples, fun interaction and samples from his own books to open the world of writing to kids.