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PubIt! by Barnes and Noble [Live-blogging the DFW Writer’s Conference]

Barnes and Noble NOOK

I’ve been a huge proponent of the Amazon Kindle, but today I attended a class about the Barnes and Noble Nook, which is a slightly different platform. Less a dedicated ereader and more a mini-tablet, the Nook uses the Android operating system. Here’s what B&N rep Mark Hollingsworth had to share about publishing for this device: PubIt! Is the new Barnes and Noble online, digital self-publishing platform. Independent publishers and authors can upload their ebooks and make them available...

Don’t Fear the Ebook [Live-blogging the DFW Writer’s Conference]

Russell C Conner

Russell C. Conner spoke on ebooks today, revealing some of his personal experience with the format. He’s actually found his self-published ebooks outselling his hard copies by 8-to-1! The two C’s of electronic media: Convenience—it must be easy to download and customizable Cost—the price must be lower than its physical counterpart Compare, for instance, the price of a book at Amazon: Retail hardback: $27.99 Audiobook: $26.39 Discounted Price: $14.50 Kindle Price: $9.99 Even if you...

Pay It Forward [Live-blogging the DFW Writer’s Conference]

Jamie Harrington

Young adult fiction writer Jamie Harrington talked at the DFW Writer’s Conference about Paying It Forward. Here are some of my favorite points she made: The good thing about paying it forward is that it helps you find the perfect critique partner, builds a strong support system and you might make some real friendships. The bad side? You may trade work and find you aren’t a good match, or you may agree to do too much because you always say yes. Some online tips: Set up a Google alert for...

Ask the Agents [Live-blogging DFW Writer’s Conference]

Agent Smith

As I’ve been looking for an agent with a good fit lately, I’ve enjoyed participating in agent panels. Here are the answers from the open Q&A at the 2011 DFW Writer’s Conference. Panelists include Louise Fury, agent at the L. Perkins Agency, Robert Brown, publisher with Ampichellis Ebooks, Jean Sagendorph, agent and owner of Mansion Street Literary Management, Dawn Frederick, agent and owner at Red Sofa Literary, Dr. Uwe Stender, agent and founder of TriadaUS Literary Agency, Faith...

Book Review: Rumble! Zap! Pow! By Diane Stortz and Luke Dabb

Rumble! Zap! Pow!

Rumble! Zap! Pow! by Diane Startz and Luke Dabb is a Bible…or a comic book…or really both. Designed to make Bible stories come alive for children, Diane Stortz and illustrator Luke Daab give the most popular stories the comic book treatment—something sure to hit home for many families. As someone who has written comics for Christian publications over the years, I can truly appreciate the effort put into a piece like this. It’s not always easy to tell a story in 8-10 frames, especially...

One-on-One with Author Frank Viola

Frank Viola

I really enjoy Frank Viola’s blog and his books on Christianity and the Church’s place in the world today. (Yes, this is Frank Viola the author, not the baseball player!) Recently, we were emailing back-and-forth and here are some of his answers to questions I thought might also bless my readers, too. Be sure to check out his book Pagan Christianity? and Reimagining Church. After reading Pagan Christianity? and Reimagining Church, readers may find themselves processing words like...

How Do You Compare to One Year Ago?

Chris Maselli running

This first week in November marks my one year anniversary with running. In thinking back, I’ve come a long way! One year ago, I had not run in nearly 20 years. One year ago, I heard about and decided to try it out and see if I could run a 5k on my own. I also joined Two months later, without missing a workout—even in the winter months—I ran my first 5k. I had never run this far in my life. Three months later, I ran my first 10k...