More About Writer Christopher P. N. Maselli

After writing “Who is children’s author Christopher P.N. Maselli?” the other day, I still had a few more things I thought others might think are completely boring, so since this is a blog, here we go. Five more titillating fact about Christopher P. N. Maselli: 5. I am not a Senator from Rhode Island. You’d…


Who Is Children’s Author Christopher P. N. Maselli?

Sometimes the Internet can seem a bit impersonal and while I have my official “Christopher P. N. Maselli, Children’s Author” bio online, some people (you know who you are!) would like me to get even more “real” on my website. So here goes. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Chris Maselli: 5. I…

It's a Wonderful Life

Is HootSuite5 Perfect for Your Social Presence?

This week, HootSuite, a social media aggregator, released a new version–more powerful than ever! In a previous post, I detailed how I was connecting to Twitter, Facebook and more through Twitterfeed and Hellotxt. At the time, I had tried HootSuite, but it had fallen short of all I needed. This new update, however, has a…


Devo Kids – A Great Online Playground for Kids

DevoKids.comIf you’re a kid (or even an adult) who loves writing and having fun, the new Devo Kids website is a great place to hang out!

You’ll find devotions from Christian authors like Michelle Medlock Adams and Wendi Lanier, music from Christian artists like Ka*Pop, puzzles and games, interviews with authors like Diane Wolfe, fun facts about nature, money matters and much more. There are even pointers for young writers such as what certain writing terms mean, which can really be helpful.

And if that’s not enough, yours truly is now writing regularly in the Write Buzz column for them—where I’m doing a Q&A with any questions you send in, so be sure to send me some! Recently I talked about how to come up with ideas—check it out.

Have you visited Devo Kids online? What do you think of their content?

Allow God to Multiply Your Freelance Efforts [Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorem]

Jump>> Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 This video in Dave Ramsey’s “Momentum Theorem” series focuses on how our efforts are multiplied by God (infinitely) when we’re intensely focused over time on doing what He’s called us to do. There are certainly things that are out of…

Dave Ramsey

Build Intensity Into Your Writing Life [Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorem]

Jump>> Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 This video in Dave Ramsey’s “Momentum Theorem” series focuses on intensity. Authors and writers have to be intense in coming up with ideas, writing every day, reading regularly, continuing to learn how to write. But it happens not all at…

Dave Ramsey

Get Your Writing Focused! [Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorem]

Jump>> Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 This video in Dave Ramsey’s “Momentum Theorem” series is the one where he starts detailing the theorem variable-by-variable. He focuses on focus–something children’s authors and freelance writers need! Video 2 of 4: See the rest of the videos in the…

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Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorem

Financial expert Dave Ramsey is best known for his call-in talk shows on the radio and on FOX Business Network. Over the years he has helped thousands of people work their way to debt freedom. I have taken his Financial Peace University course twice–once with his original curriculum, once with the recently released updated curriculum.…

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Linking Your Blog to Twitter and Facebook…and more! (Part 4 of 4)

Go back to Part 1: Introduction Go back to Part 2: Hellotxt setup Go back to Part 3: Twitterfeed setup If you’ve been following this series, you’ve got yourself hooked up with and and you’re ready to test out if news of a blog you create will be broadcast across the Internet to…