Amazing Laptop 8-Book Series

 Great Christian Books for Reluctant Readers! Ages 8-14Amazing Laptop Series

For his 13th birthday, Matt gets the best gift ever: His own laptop. But then the stories he writes–even the outlandish ones!–begin to happen. And Matt can’t help but discover the power of his words.

The Amazing Laptop series is full of hilarity, action, adventure and mystery. With technology, sports and humor as key elements throughout, it’s specifically written to engage boys. But girls love it, too! And with a strong Christian message about growing in Christ, parents appreciate every one.

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Reality Shift

Reality Shift

When Matt discovers his stories coming true, what will he write?

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Awarded “One of the 10 Best Books of 2002″ by!

Thirteen-year-old Matt Calahan is suddenly tangled in a web of mystery, after he receives his dream gift—his very own laptop computer. However, it’s no ordinary laptop, and Matt soon discovers that what he types actually happens.

In his quest to find out where the laptop came from, Matt locates a mysterious web page with a cryptic message that leaves him gripped in fear. What is he going to do now? Suddenly, he’s in a race against time as the fate of those he loves is at his fingertips.

Full of suspense and intrigue, Reality Shift takes you on a technological adventure where anything is possible.

Chris says…
“What an exciting series! Though it’s geared primarily to boys through Zonderkidz 2:52 Soul Gear tie-in, this series is fun for everyone. Filled with technological adventure, mystery, humor and sports, this is one of the funnest books I’ve ever written.”

Value: The power of words

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