Read World’s Longest Thank You Note (Call Me Ishmael)

April 30, 2016

Proud to be on the “World’s Longest Thank You Note” for Call Me Ishmael, a unique project that places fun phones in libraries, schools and bookstores. When patrons pick up the phone, they hear audio-recorded messages from other readers around the world, helping them discover great books.

They began their Kickstarter project last November and blew it out of the ballpark with a whopping $23,785 donated from 537 backers!

See if you can find yours truly on the note—joining the project in honor of the Flying Pig Bookstore in Vermont, a bookstore with great ties to the Vermont College MFA program I attended.

Thank you for celebrating reading, Call Me Ishmael!

Christopher P.N. Maselli

Christopher Maselli

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