Here you’ll find the books, teaching courses and more that I have for sale. Just click the “Learn more” button at the end of each description to find out more. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

The Amazing Laptop 8-Novel Series

The Amazing Laptop Adventures

For his 13th birthday, Matt gets the best gift ever: His own laptop. But then the stories he writes–even the outlandish ones!–begin to happen. And Matt can’t help but discover the power of his words.

The Amazing Laptop series is full of hilarity, action, adventure and mystery. With technology, sports and humor as key elements throughout, it’s specifically written to engage boys. But girls love it, too! And with a strong Christian message about growing in Christ, parents appreciate every one.

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Commander Kellie and the Superkids NovelsCommander Kellie and the Superkid 11-Novel Series

Give your kids the action-packed, Christian adventure series that will keep them turning the pages! Perfect for reluctant readers, this is the futuristic novel series that parents can trust.

Based on the characters from Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ children’s movies, you’ll see these ordinary kids do extraordinary things as they boldly live out their faith.

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Writing MomentumWriting Momentum Complete Video Course

Put your writing career on the fast-track to success! Whether you want to learn about writing children’s books, how to pitch your book to editors and agents, or just sharpen your skills, you’ll love these full video courses!

Learn how to write picture books, uncover secrets of creating plots and writing novels, see how to find open markets, create a killer proposal, build your writing platform, craft queries and cover letters and more. Pick just the right course for you or get them all for a super-affordable price. (We writers have to stick together!)

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Children's Writing Super SystemChildren’s Writing Super System Audio Course

Do you want to be a children’s writer but don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn the steps to getting your children’s book published?Then the Children’s Writer’s Super System is for you. Through nine interactive sessions, I will teach you the down-to-earth nitty-gritty about how to write and publish a children’s book—sharing one insider tip after another that will make you leapfrog over the competition. Contains nearly 9 hours of audio teaching!

(Prefer video teaching? This same material (and more!) is included in the Ultimate Momentum video course.)

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Secrets, Truths and Myths of the Writing Industry audio workshop by Christopher P. N. MaselliSecrets, Truths and Myths of the Writing Industry Audio Workshop

In this insightful audio workshop, I share insider’s secrets I’ve discovered that can turn your writing hobby into a full-time career–including a few surprises that will change the way you approach your writing.

I also dispel false notions about the writing industry, and share the truths I’ve found about how any writer can be successful.

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How to Write Comics and Graphic Novels audio workshop by Christopher P. N. MaselliHow to Write Comics and Graphic Novels Audio Workshop

If you’ve got a great comic or graphic novel in mind, you’re half way to publication–but now you must learn how to get your ideas across to a graphic designer.

In this audio workshop, I share multiple comic writing formats I’ve experimented with over the past 20 years of writing comics. Then Ireveal the format I’ve created myself, comprising the best of both worlds for the author, illustrator and editor.

You’ll find out exactly how to format your script for success so you can get across the exact images you’re envisioning in your mind. If you want to write comics or graphic novels, this tool will give you a giant leap forward!

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